October 17, 2020


Haha, yeah it’ll do that! Ask about that too. When I go to the tray and network to choose the wireless network, only wired network and my vpnc is available. It’s a much nicer solution and it should help you be connected to a network by the time you reach your desktop if the rest of it is set up nicely anyway as it’ll load ndiswrapper much earlier in the boot-up sequence. I ran through all the howto steps again just to make sure, but still nothing.

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I don’t have the one specified in your guide but it’s similar and I found xp drivers here: That also assumes that your network is open and unencrypted. Which is what I received before.

I do have ndiswrapper working for this card using a similar method to the one I use in Ubuntu which is a little different to this How-To. The loopback network interface auto lo iface lo inet loopback The primary network interface iface eth0 inet dhcp auto eth0 Note that I’ve changed the all eth1s to eth0.

I’ll stress again though, your card should be working using an open kernel module, if it’s not I’d be looking to file a bug report and try to work out why. Coincidentally bcm43xx doesn’t initialize any interfaces either.


By the way, “rmmod” and “modprobe -r” are equivalent, just to alleviate any confusion the use of the two may have caused. Now after the upgrade, it no longer worked, so I tried this guide. The reason being that the ssb module takes control of our card, thus preventing ndiswrapper from controlling it, however ssb is required by the b44 driver, which handles wired broadcom cards, so we can’t just blacklist it.

Loading ndiswrapper all works fine. Given my problems with the brute-force howto as well, I think it’s time for a clean install in the next few days. Only document I used to bring up wifi is paperdiesel’s howto which included building ndiswrapper.

Hello everyone, this is my first ever day with linux and Hardy Heron, and loving every moment of it! PCI interrupt for device You may need to “emerge lshw” then run: Have you reemerged ndiswrapper since 4131 to the newer kernel?

Installing Windows XP on a Compaq F Laptop

Login or create an account to post a review. Hi and thanks for the tutorial. Something to try is ‘ndiswrapper -m’ which writes an alias to wlan0, so that when you bring 431 wlan0, the ndiswrapper module is autoloaded. I’m currently running fine by booting in safe mode when I need internet but i would really like to solve this.

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Looks different on keybord than it looks on screen. Dang Problem solved. Since I am able to ping the router over wifi, I hope wifi driver is working perfectly fine and there is some problem with some other configurations.


Also running these commands gave following output sudo apt-get install linux-ubuntu-modules Cons It requires additional downloading, and the item is a driver, which means I have to be online to get the driver, that puts me online, so I cannot use it Summary not the full driver, waste of time. Can you install microsoft word on 431 Am sitting near to router. Rebooted router and still xo, so if this reboot fails might try and re-enter network key in router.

I’ll past the appropriate section of my kernel config. Consult the NDISwrapper wiki for information on your specific device.


How can I check whether this driver is on my installation? I’ve forgotten my password. I like the fancy way because it means you can copy and paste just one command and removes the chance of typos. Isnt the module only loaded after a hardware detection sequence has finished?