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Cooler Master introduced a pair of new gaming headsets late last year: the MH751 and MH752. Headphones differ only in the presence of the virtual sound 7.1 function (in MH752), and in our laboratory there was a simplified model MH751.

Cooler Master MH751

And although this is not the first Cooler Master headset, it is still not customary to see the phrase “gaming headset” next to such a name. The words “cooling system” or “power supply” are more suitable here, but it turned out that the new product is solidly assembled, sounds adequate and is easy to use. Details in the review.

Model Cooler Master MH751
Product page
Audio channel 2.0
Speakers, mm 40, with neodymium magnets
Principle of operation Closed
Impedance, Ohm 26
Frequency range, Hz 20–20 000
Headset connection interface 3.5mm
Battery life
Weight, g 280
Compatibility PC, Mac, PS4, NS, Android, iOS
Sensor type Unidirectional
Frequency range, Hz 100–10 000
Sensitivity, dB -42dB
Cost, $ ~100

Contents of delivery

Cooler Master MH751 comes in a compact purple-black box. On the front, the headphones themselves are depicted, some of their features, the manufacturer’s logo and the model name. On the back of the box there is another photo of the headset and its capabilities are described in detail in different languages.

Cooler Master MH751Cooler Master MH751

Inside the box is a foam base where the headphones and a removable microphone are stored. Nearby placed a mini-box with complete accessories.

Cooler Master MH751

The delivery set consists of the headset itself, a detachable microphone on a long flexible stem, a velvet bag, a user manual, a 1.5-meter cable with a 3.5-mm connector and a control panel, as well as a 0.3-meter splitter.

Cooler Master MH751


The Cooler Master MH751 gaming headset received a strict design and compact size with small-chamber ear cushions. The headphones are based on a flat metal plate, which is covered with matte plastic elements and a soft leatherette headband. The convex parts of the cups are also made of similar plastic, and the wide base around is with a soft-touch coating.

Cooler Master MH751

One and a half meter cable with a 3.5 mm connector is equipped with a control panel. It has a volume wheel and a microphone on/off button.

Cooler Master MH751Cooler Master MH751

The headband is medium bulge on both sides covered with foam and eco-leather. There are no logos on the top.

Cooler Master MH751

Oval bowls with a neat logo in the middle are held on Y-shaped plastic fasteners, turn 90 degrees forward and about 30 back. In this form, they are convenient to wear around the neck or put in a complete bag, bag or backpack.

Cooler Master MH751Cooler Master MH751

The metal guides are without divisions and are extended from both sides by 4.5 cm. The designations “L” and “R” are colored.

Cooler Master MH751Cooler Master MH751

On the left cup placed a pair of 3.5 mm connectors for a detachable microphone and cable. Right cup without any controls.

Cooler Master MH751

Oval leatherette ear cushions are soft and hold their shape perfectly.

Cooler Master MH751

Inside are 40mm drivers with neodymium magnets. Naturally, there are no modules, chips, amplifiers or DACs here.

Cooler Master MH751Cooler Master MH751

The detachable microphone did not receive a foam nozzle, but it bends comfortably, quickly installs into the connector and is just as easy to remove.

Cooler Master MH751Cooler Master MH751

Ergonomics and ease of use

Weighing 250 grams (with 280g cable and microphone), Cooler Master MH751 headphones are more than comfortable in daily use, do not feel on the head and do not press, even when new. However, they do not fly off when moving the head.

The clipping of the external environment is almost perfect thanks to the small chamber ear cups that press the ears tightly against the inner walls.

The headset bends well, and due to the long retractable rails, it fits almost any head. Matte plastic elements and soft-touch inserts quickly get dirty and collect dust. It is difficult to take care of them and you have to hold them not with an open hand, but, for example, with a microfiber cloth, because the surface of the headphones easily collects “fingers”.

For a compact headset form factor, it has a microphone that is too long and from the outside it looks awkward. And when used, it either sticks out too much or covers almost the entire face when it is bent.

Cooler Master MH751

sound impressions

With a $100 price tag, the Cooler Master MH751 should sound like the base models in the HyperX Cloud line, but the new headset lags behind Kingston headphones.

The Cooler Master MH751 has a moderate bass that properly emphasizes the mids and highs. This model is suitable for any style of music, but will not suit those who appreciate powerful bass in gaming headsets, turning into mush and hum. I would call the Cooler Master MH751 a model with a universal sound that is suitable for everything, but at the same time, it does not show itself at the highest score anywhere. It’s a decent average.

In games and when watching movies, the situation is the same. There are no complaints about explosions, shots, the roar of engines, positioning on the map, the quality of voice and reproduced soundtracks. Everything sounds good, but this sound does not surprise or stand out in any way.

The microphone is of average quality, the voice is clear, but with distortions. The unidirectional design allows you to miss the extra sounds of the environment, but completely protect the interlocutors from them. The quality of the microphone is enough to communicate with friends, colleagues or teammates in the game.


Cooler Master MH751 is a compact gaming headset with a discreet design and lightweight construction. Headphones show themselves perfectly in everyday use, do not create discomfort, quickly assemble, and also fit any head shape. At the same time, the novelty is easy to get dirty and hard to clean, got an uncomfortable microphone on a too long stem, as well as an unremarkable sound with moderate bass and a clear middle. If you prefer convenience, then pay attention to this model. If sound comes first for you, then it is better to look at other solutions in a close price range.


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