observer. Rise into the abyss /


Developer Bloober Team SA
Publisher Aspyr
Official site
Localizer Aspyr
release date August 2017
Genre Horror, Adventure game

Future. What will it be like? Are we waiting for a world of new opportunities or a world of dashed hopes? A world of incredible technology or all-consuming electronic horror. Bloober Team SA will show their vision of the future. Get ready, the Observer opens its mouth to swallow you.

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<p>It all starts in the cramped car of Detective Daniel Lazarski.  A random message from his son, with whom communication has long been lost, forces the hero to look for the source of the signal in the slums.  And he goes to the very bottom, where the outcasts and losers live, who did not fit into the bright world of neon advertising and corporate control.</p>
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<p>A corridor glowing from green holographic projections and an old veteran at the entrance lazily welcome a new visitor.  Having received the address of the apartment, the hero goes to the apartment and finds a corpse surrounded by dirty walls, garbage and heaps of computer equipment.  Fearing that it is the body of his son or a person connected to him, he sets about his usual detective work, scanning the evidence and searching the crime scene.</p>
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<p>This is a witness whose mind can tell something useful.  There is no time for long reflections, and Lazarski uses his main opportunity – connecting to another consciousness through a neurochip.  One movement, and now the wire is digging into someone else’s heat, and we are plunging into the electronic abyss.</p>
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<p>The ordinary world is leaving, opening before us the reality of nightmarish images and painful memories, woven together into an incomprehensible kaleidoscope of visions.  Fragments of the past are superimposed on surrealistic paintings, intertwined with them, replaced by fragments from a modified everyday reality.  Images blur, tremble, rush past, hit on the nerves and hearing with sharp bursts.  And this flickering nightmare of dreams has its own logic, there is a single thread that connects the fragments of feverish delirium into something whole that leads the hero by the hand and shows the moments of the life of the fading mind.  Here he is in prison, here he is under interrogation, here is his love story, and here is the story of an all-consuming drug addict desire.</p>
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<p>New victims and each new brain scan plunges us into the abyss of this madness, where reality disappears under the onslaught of gloomy virtual surrealism.  Different visions are superimposed on one another, realities are intertwined and mixed, forming a mess of electronic noise and sometimes receding in order to reveal unusual landscapes and deformed images of the familiar world.  Here, memories take on clear forms, and the fears of the subconscious manifest themselves in more tangible phenomena and beings.</p>
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<p>Returning to ordinary reality does not provide relief from nightmares.  Cramped frail rooms open up new facets of being, telling the stories of their inhabitants.  Doomed and lost, furious and frightened – they live in a world of hopelessness and illusion.  Altered perception, altered bodies, altered reality.  The strangeness of what is happening grows with each new corpse, and the real world is simultaneously filled with echoes of visions, blurring the boundaries between the world of nightmares of dreams and the world of the doomed living.</p>
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<p>Observer constantly plays with the mind of the hero and our brain.  Instead of a harmonious dialogue with the player, there is a furious onslaught of semantic and meaningless images, plunging into a state of unbearable discomfort.  The game tries to unbalance as much as possible, fill you with anxiety and horror.  As part of a simple interactive interaction to explore the world and interact with objects, a viscous story is built, with each step more and more plunging into the quagmire of a gloomy labyrinth of nightmares.  It’s dark cyberpunk that oozes black jets and electronic flashes off the screen.  But the strangest thing is that from all this there is a certain narrative with an evolving story and double meanings, where from personal experiences we eventually move on to global existential issues.  And all this is filled with numerous references to Blade Runner, and in places to biblical themes.  Incredible in terms of atmosphere and degree of immersion, a story that plunges you into the abyss of electronic madness.  Cyberpunk has never been so terrifying, incomprehensible and gloomy.</p>
<p>At the level of artistic images, Bloober Team SA created something truly incredible and outstanding.  But this something is as unpleasant and slimy to the touch as it is attractive and frightening.  Observer swallows you and tries to digest, grind and dissolve in itself.  The game bites into you with sharp wires, hits your mind with epileptic images and flashes that cut your eyes, cuts your ears with a cacophony of sounds.  Is it worth it to play a normal mentally healthy person?  Better not.</p>

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