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The gaming industry does not stand still, every year new projects appear that deserve close attention of the public. Some even manage to move from the sphere of public entertainment to the category of eSports discipline. And thus, new players, new fans, new sales markets for manufacturers of gaming peripherals appear.

And, no matter how optimistic one would like to be, among the presented variety of options for this very periphery, there are not so often models that are good for everyone at the same time. And even the most inveterate critics cannot but admit that a particular model is really worthy of attention. And it somehow happened that one of these models was the HyperX headset, namely the Cloud Core, in the latest iteration, the Cloud Alpha. Everyone is accustomed to equating the next product with them. And it often turns out that a competitor really cannot compete with such a standard.

Roccat Khan Pro

But the hero of today’s review will definitely try to challenge, and let’s see if he has a chance of winning. Meet the Roccat Khan Pro gaming headset.

Headphones Roccat Khan Pro
Manufacturer’s site
Audio channel 2.0
Speakers, mm 50 mm, with neodymium magnets
Principle of operation Closed
Impedance, Ohm 25
Nonlinear distortion factor, % 1
Frequency range, Hz 20–40 000
Connection interface two 3-pole mini plugs (3.5 mm) for speakers and microphone/4-pole mini plug (3.5 mm)
Weight, g 230
Nonlinear distortion factor, % 2
Sensitivity, dB –40
Signal-to-noise ratio, dB 60
Cost, $ 115

Contents of delivery

Getting to know any product begins with the packaging, and this case is no exception. The Khan Pro box has a fairly modest size. Yes, perhaps the huge size, excellent view through the window and other amenities add presentability, but you often wonder: how much of the cost of the product was the packaging? Here everything is short and concise. On the front side there is a close-up of a headset, a Hi-Res Audio nameplate flaunts.

Roccat Khan Pro

The sidewalls do not sin with special information content, in fact, like the back of the package. Brief characteristics can be found only on the bottom of the box. In general, the rigidity of the packaging design allows us to confidently say that the headphones will survive almost all the difficulties on the way to the owner.

Roccat Khan Pro

More time should be given to the headset kit. Or not, because it is difficult to call this a set. The headphones themselves, an adapter from two three-pole “mini-jacks” responsible for the speakers and a microphone, respectively, to one four-pole and a small instruction – that’s probably all.

Roccat Khan ProRoccat Khan Pro


Turning to the description of the appearance and design, I want to note that it was not in vain that I first compared Khan Pro with the Cloud line. As you can see, the applicant also encroaches on structural similarity. Indeed, when watching CS:GO championships, I often pay attention to the fact that pro-players, having access to the entire product line of their sponsor, for the most part choose headsets that have a single headband. This, of course, is largely due to the fact that they need to be as mobile as possible and control the situation also in teammates’ monitors, and given the schedules of major tournaments, training bootcamps, it’s physically difficult to sit all day in a bulky device.

Roccat Khan Pro

As you can see in the photo, the soft part does not occupy the entire inner surface of the headband. It is made of artificial leather, and the filler has no so-called memory effect. On the sides, the pillow is limited by rounded plastic nodules.

Roccat Khan Pro

The outer side of the headband is made of black matte plastic with the manufacturer’s name – Roccat – printed on it. This plastic plate bears the main structural load, and also provides pressure for the headphones.

Roccat Khan Pro

Headphones are attached to the headband with metal guides, which also provide reach adjustment. In general, very little metal was used in the design, due to which a record mass value was achieved – only 230 grams.

Roccat Khan Pro

Also, at the place where the phone is attached to the headband, there is a hinge that allows you to rotate it 90 degrees in a horizontal plane. This allows you to both conveniently place the headset on your head, and simply place it compactly for transportation.

Roccat Khan Pro

Installing each phone on a guide fork also allows them to deviate by 20-25 degrees in the vertical plane, which is also important.

Roccat Khan Pro

The microphone is classically placed on the left headphone. The design provides for the ability to turn it to a vertical position, thus removing it from sight at those moments when communication is not needed. It is certainly convenient and, in my opinion, is the most successful accommodation option among all available on the market.

Roccat Khan Pro

The microphone foot itself is rubberized and has the ability to adjust the curve to suit the wearer’s preference. The microphone does not have a windscreen. It is clear that all sorts of “washcloths” do not fit well into the design, but this elementary solution usually allows you to avoid a large number of spurious sounds.

Roccat Khan Pro

On the outer edges of the headphones, the company logo and the name of the headset model are applied. On the one hand, it’s a little tacky, on the other hand, thanks for the fact that only two colors were used in the design, and not ten. So the headset looks simple and concise.

Roccat Khan Pro

The ear pads are made of leatherette, and the filler is very pleasant to the touch and has a memory effect. Their shape is probably one of the most successful among the headsets on the market. The depth allows the ear to comfortably fit inside, while not clinging to the speaker itself, and the width of the edge that is adjacent to the head is beyond praise. They perfectly distribute the load without creating excessive pressure on the head.

Roccat Khan ProRoccat Khan Pro

Large 50mm drivers with neodymium magnets hide under the ear pads. There were no special tricks in the design of the working volumes for the speakers.

Roccat Khan ProRoccat Khan Pro

Well, it is worth noting the presence of speaker volume control on the bottom edge of the left head phone.

Roccat Khan Pro

Ergonomics and ease of use

To be honest, I did not expect the impressions that it left from this headset. And that makes them even happier. Apparently the concept of German quality, even though it concerns only design and development, is still applicable not only to cars.

Roccat Khan Pro

Due to its monstrously low weight, the headset simply does not feel on the head. You can safely sit in it for an hour or 5 hours without feeling tired at all. Yes, such relief is possible and will affect the reliability during transportation, but let’s be honest – the headset is on the table next to the monitor, and not in public transport.

Separately, it is worth noting that the engineers did not forget to provide all three degrees of freedom. How many times have I noted that it is worth removing one and the product immediately begins to strain with one-sided pressure on the head. Roccat Khan, thanks to the plastic headband, provides a uniform and pleasant pressing force on the head. And freedom in the vertical and horizontal planes allows you to transfer this force evenly around the ear, without distortions and point clamps.

Again, due to its weight, the headset simply cannot physically exert excessive pressure on the top of the head. Therefore, a small area of ​​\u200b\u200bsoft headband is enough for her without problems.

The ear cushions frankly pleased both with their depth and profile. The manufacturer managed to create an excellent configuration that contributes to the excellent fit of the headset.

Oh, and don’t forget the microphone. The ability to remove it simply by turning it up is much more convenient than the design with a thin leg, which is hidden in the head phone itself. Yes, and unlike headsets with a stationary microphone, it is much more convenient to use headphones outside the game and not watch the proboscis constantly sticking out in front of your eyes. And, of course, a convenient plus – the microphone is turned off when you install it vertically. Thus, no indication of its activity is needed, you always understand its status.

Roccat Khan Pro

Of course, Roccat Khan gets the highest score for ergonomics – not a single complaint.

sound impressions

The case when you want to say: “Guys, what do you need? Don’t stop listening!” Our set is quite standard – the headphones were tested in the following games: Battlefield 1, Counter-Strike: GO, PUBG, Ash of Gods. In addition, listening to diverse music and evaluating the sound in films and TV shows were performed.

To say that the headset is just good would be even a little embarrassing. This is the case when you get everything for your money. To be honest, I am very picky about headphones and most of them can do one thing, something else, in principle, will master, but everything else – only if that’s enough for you. And very rarely there are products that are quite versatile and at the same time give out high-quality sound in all ranges.

Probably the main advantage of Roccat Khan Pro is the clean separation of frequencies. There is no garbage, no clogging of one another and unnecessary distortions in one direction. We get clear and high-quality sound in each of the ranges, so you can enjoy the big and low explosions in Battlefield, while not losing the sound of enemy footsteps in the next house in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Low frequencies do not buzz, they are quite dense and do not smear. The mids are melodic, do not clog into the territory of the highs and do not have obvious dips on their own. High detailed, without excesses in whistle.

This is the second time I’ve met a headset that meets the Hi-Res standard. And don’t get me wrong, I have the same healthy distrust (and sometimes righteous anger) towards all sorts of nameplates and marketing claims, but for the second time this mark accompanies the excellent sound of the product. I will try to pay attention to this in the following materials.

The quality of the microphone recording, oddly enough, also pleased. Usually it can surprise only with problems, but here the sound is clear, without distortions towards high frequencies. The only negative is the lack of wind protection, and as a result, catching all the breaths and exhalations.


Of course, there are rarely products that satisfy us in all respects. And among gaming headsets, which in the role of a sound playback device are generally associated with the “taste” of pure water, there are even fewer of them.

Did Roccat Khan Pro make a name for themselves? Certainly yes. Everything is present in this headset: successful ergonomics and excellent versatile sound. At the same time, the price positioning of the product is quite reasonable. Yes, this is not a budget solution, but oh, how far it is to the top of prices.

Not to say that the well-known leader has been defeated, but Roccat Khan Pro can easily be put on the same level with the best representatives of this segment of gaming peripherals and, without a twinge of conscience, advise those who want to get a quality product to buy.

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