Review and testing of the Intel Pentium Gold G7400 processor. Well, why not four cores?


Yes, this is the thought that many will have when they first encounter this processor. The same Celeron G6900 suffers terribly from two physical cores, and in terms of computing power, it is able to surpass the outdated Core i5 of the Sandy/Ivy Bridge era! Today’s CPU is noticeably more cheerful due to the support of Hyper-Threading and higher clock frequencies, but formally still belongs to the category of budget office solutions. Meet the Pentium Gold G7400.

Let’s consider it in more detail against the background of its predecessors.

Processor Pentium Gold G7400 Pentium Gold G6605 Pentium Gold G6505 Pentium Gold G6505T Pentium Gold G6405 Celeron G6900
Core Alder Lake-S Comet Lake-S Comet Lake-S Comet Lake-S Comet Lake-S Alder Lake-S
Connector LGA1700 LGA1200 LGA1200 LGA1200 LGA1200 LGA1700
Techproces, n.m 10 14 14 14 14 10
Number of cores (threads) 2 (4) 2 (4) 2 (4) 2 (4) 2 (2) 2 (2)
Nominal frequency, GHz 3,7 4,3 4,2 3,6 4,1 3,4
Turbo Boost 2.0 frequency (one/all cores), GHz – – – – – –
Frequency Turbo Boost Max 3.0, GHz – – – – – –
Thermal Velocity Boost (one/all cores), GHz – – – – – –
Multiplier unlocked for promotion – – – – – –
L1-cache, Kbytes 2 x (48 + 32) 4 x (32 + 32) 4 x (32 + 32) 4 x (32 + 32) 2 x (32 + 32) 2 x (48 + 32)
L2 cache, Kbytes 2 x 1250 4 x 256 4 x 256 4 x 256 2 x 256 2 x 1250
L3-cache, MB 6 4 4 4 4 4
Graphics core UHD Graphics 710 UHD Graphics 630 UHD Graphics 630 UHD Graphics 630 UHD Graphics 610 UHD Graphics 710
Frequency of the graphics core, MHz 300-1350 350–1100 350–1100 350–1050 350–1050 300-1300
Supported memory DDR4-3200
DDR4-2666 DDR4-2666 DDR4-2666 DDR4-2666 DDR4-3200
Memory channels 2 2 2 2 2 2
TDP, Vt 46 65 65 35 65 46
Recommended cost, $ 64 86 75 75 64 42

According to the technical characteristics, the Pentium Gold G7400 looks promising for its segment, let’s check it in practice.

Supply set

The processor comes in a cardboard box with minimal printing, and there is a cut-out at the top through which you can see the processor inside.

Inside the box are also:

  • Intel Laminar RS1 cooler;
  • documentation and sticker.

Intel Pentium Gold G7400

Physical dimensions were discussed in the Celeron G6900 article, we will not repeat them. Once again, Intel does not consider it necessary to stamp the word Gold on the cover of the processor, de facto we have just a Pentium G7400 in front of us. This is what the subject looks like:

Intel Pentium Gold G7400

The capabilities of the complete Intel Laminar RS1 cooler are quite sufficient for the Pentium Gold G7400, the summary is located in the testing section. Thermal paste is pre-applied by the manufacturer. The contact area is typical and shown in the photo:

Intel Pentium Gold G7400

Processor capabilities

The Alder Lake architecture allows the use of both DDR4 and DDR5 memory. The memory controller uses Gear dividers 1 to 4. In cases where the chipset allows memory fine-tuning, the Pentium will easily boot with DDR5-6000 CL32 or DDR4-3600 CL12.

Like the Celeron, the Pentium line for the first time received support for AVX2 processor instructions, which will provide a noticeable increase in the tasks that use them. Unfortunately, the cores were not dropped – the processor chip still has two cores with Hyper-Threading support and no turbo mode, which operate at a frequency of 3.7 GHz.

Intel Pentium Gold G7400Intel Pentium Gold G7400

There is also an integrated graphics Intel UHD Graphics 710 Gen12 architecture on board, it is Intel Xe, which moved here from Rocket Lake processors. Good news: the user gets support for four independent displays with a maximum resolution of 8k@60Hz for DP and 4k@60Hz for HDMI. In addition, a hardware AV1 decoder is provided. The bad news is that the computing power is negligible: 128 shader processors, 8 texturing units, 8 raster operations units. This guarantees poor performance in all games (both old and modern) and weakness in GPGPU calculations.

Intel Pentium Gold G7400Intel Pentium Gold G7400


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