Review NVMe SSD Kingston DC1000B 960GB. M.2 Enterprise


We continue testing new Kingston drives for the corporate IT sector. Having dealt with past materials with SATA solutions, let’s move on to NVMe with an M.2 connector, which is represented by the Kingston DC1000B model.

The drive is implemented in the M.2 2280 form factor, equipped with a PCI-E Gen3 x4 interface and, first of all, is designed for the role of a system (boot) drive. But nothing prevents it from being used in compact servers, or industrial solutions for the role of mixed loads or storage. The customer is given a choice of three capacities: 240, 480 and 960 GB. Like all other representatives of the Data Center line, the drive is provided with a five-year warranty and free technical support from the manufacturer.

Kingston DC1000B 960GB

The main characteristics of DC1000B drives are summarized in the table:

Name SEDC1000BM8/240G SEDC1000BM8/480G SEDC1000BM8/960G
Manufacturer’s site
Capacity, GB 240 480 960
Sequential read speed, MB/s 2200 3200 3400
Sequential write speed, MB/s 290 565 925
Maximum random read speed (blocks of 4 KB), IOPS 111000 205000 199000
Maximum random write speed (blocks of 4 KB), IOPS 12000 20000 25000
Controller Phison PS5012-E12DC
Memory type 3D TLC
Total Bytes Written (TBW), TB 248 475 1095
Mean time between failures (MTBF) 2,000,000 hours
Vibration resistance (in operation) 7~800Hz / 2.17G
Vibration resistance (storage) 10~2000Hz / 20G
Operating temperature range, °C 0 – 70
Storage temperature range, °C –40…+85
Idle power consumption, watts 1,82 1,9 1,29
Power consumption when reading, watts 1,71 1,74 1,67
Power consumption during recording, watts 3,16 4,88 4,25
Connection interface PCIe NVMe Gen3 x4
Form factor M.2, 22mm x 80mm (2280)
Dimensions: LxWxH, mm 80 x 22 x 3.8
Weight, g 8 8 9
Price 2299 hryvnias UAH 3879 7359 hryvnias

Below is the entire current line of Data Center drives, the reader with deductive skills has already guessed which drive will be the hero of the next review:

Kingston DC1000B 960GB

Kingston DC1000B 960GB

The subject is delivered in a cardboard blister, the dimensions of which are absolutely identical to SATA solutions. At the top of the package there is a holographic mark, the presence of which indicates that the drive was officially imported to Ukraine.

Kingston DC1000B 960GBKingston DC1000B 960GB

In addition to the drive, there is nothing.

Before us is an M.2 solid-state drive in the 2280 form factor, made on a blue textolite. All the basic information about it is collected on a sticker on the front. The sticker itself acts as a warranty seal.

Kingston DC1000B 960GB

The dimensions are 22x80x3.8 mm, the standard “M” key and mounting on both sides of the textolite, in fact, on the “carcass” of the SSD, you can find:

  • Phison PS5012-E12DC-27 controller;
  • four Kingston FB25608UCN1-45 NAND flash memory chips (3D TLC, 256 GB each);
  • two DRAM chips Kingston B5116ECMDXGJD (512 MB DDR4);
  • eight tantalum capacitors (47 uF, 35 V).

Kingston DC1000B 960GB

The Phison PS5012-E12DC controller is made according to 28nm standards and has a linear read speed of up to 3200 MB / s and a linear write speed of up to 1000 MB / s. It is by no means reactive, but it has support for eight memory channels, LDPC 3.0 ECC (error correction and coding), AES-256 hardware encryption, and data loss protection during a power outage, which guarantees reliable information storage, as well as durability.

Kingston DC1000B 960GB

The memory is filled with Kingston FB25608UCN1-45 chips, which means we have a 1 TB drive with a hardware-reserved area. The manufacturer guarantees a fixed type of flash memory for drives of the Data Center – TLC series. If the specification on the Kingston official website lists the type as “3D NAND” or doesn’t specify it at all, then the memory type can be either TLC or QLC (this is typical for budget SSD series, such as the A400 or NV1, for which the manufacturer tries to keep prices affordable for the widest possible range of buyers). Seats for additional chips are not provided, the maximum possible is exploited.

Kingston DC1000B 960GB

On each side of the textolite, four SMD capacitors are soldered, 47 microfarads and 35 V each. By the way, they were produced recently, the 16th week of 2020. These capacitors provide data protection against power loss.


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