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Edifier has been known to domestic users for several years, especially for its 2.0 systems. Founded back in 1996, to this day it deals exclusively with speaker systems, both entry-level, providing a minimum of multimedia capabilities for a PC, and quite expensive, aimed at gourmets of high-quality sound. In addition to speakers, the manufacturer also has headphones and headsets. At the end of 2017, Edifier released Edifier Hecate G4 budget gaming headphones. A year later, this model appeared on the domestic market, and now it has come to us.

Edifier Hecate G4


Model Edifier Hecate G4
Product page edifier.com
Audio channel 2.0
Speakers, mm 40
Principle of operation Closed
Impedance, Ohm 24
Frequency range, Hz 20–20 000
Headset connection interface USB 2.0
Weight, g 360
Sensor type Unidirectional
Frequency range, Hz n/a
Sensitivity, dB n/a
Cost, $ 55

Contents of delivery

Edifier Hecate G4 comes in a compact black box. On the front of the package there is an image of the headphones, and on the back there is a description of the key features and a photo of the colors of the model.

Edifier Hecate G4Edifier Hecate G4

Inside: a headset with a soldered 2.5-meter thick silicone-braided USB cable and a user manual.

Edifier Hecate G4


The Edifier Hecate G4 gaming headset has a compact retro-futuristic design with a flexible rocker arm, metal mesh on the cups and red backlighting. The body of the headphones is completely plastic. Matte plastic is used on the top of the headband, and glossy on the cups.

Edifier Hecate G4

On the inside of the rocker there is a neat leatherette lining with foam filler. The stylized inscription Hecate by Edifier is visible on the outer part of the headband.

Edifier Hecate G4Edifier Hecate G4

The sliding mechanism is plastic, and the guides are pulled out from both edges by 3 cm. Metal structural elements are not visible, but perhaps they are hidden behind the outer plastic.

Edifier Hecate G4Edifier Hecate G4

A ferrite filter and a glossy control panel with a built-in 7.1 surround sound card were placed on a silicone-braided cable. The miniature box is also responsible for turning on / off the headset and microphone (large round button). There is also a square 7.1 sound switch and the promised vibration effect. On the side of the remote control is a miniature volume wheel.

Edifier Hecate G4Edifier Hecate G4

The glossy plastic microphone built into the left cup can be pulled out or hidden inside if necessary. He received a flexible leg of medium length and a red LED that shows the status of his work.

Edifier Hecate G4Edifier Hecate G4

Edifier Hecate G4 cups are fixed in one plane and do not move. They have oval closed-type leatherette ear pads.

Edifier Hecate G4

Inside are 40mm neodymium drivers with additional drivers for vibrating bass.

Ergonomics and ease of use

Edifier Hecate G4 weigh 360g, but they are not felt on the head. I thought that the weight of the model was 270-300 grams and was surprised when I looked at the exact figure on the official product page. The headphones are flexible with a durable rocker, so the headset does not press the head and ears, but cuts off the sounds of the environment not as well as we would like.

Glossy plastic cups, microphone and remote control immediately collects fingerprints and scratches easily. The hidden microphone comes out of hiding without any problems, easily bends at different angles and quickly hides when needed. The red LED is easy to use and shows the status of the microphone. The same with the side red glow. If it is lit, then Edifier Hecate G4 is working and the sound is output to them. And if the headset is turned off, then the red backlight goes out, and the sound goes to the speakers.

Edifier Hecate G4

The sound frequency of the Hecate G4 is in the range of 20 Hz – 20 kHz. The impedance is 24 ohms and the sound pressure level is 106 dB.

Headphones Edifier Hecate G4 work with proprietary program Edifier Audio Center. It is multifunctional, but looks outdated. It is especially annoying to call the menu by right-clicking on the microphone or speaker icon. The application allows you to amplify the sound of a microphone or apply sound effects to your voice. The program fine-tunes 7.1 surround sound, and with the speakers, you can use prepared presets for listening to music, watching movies, playing games and more.

Edifier Hecate G4Edifier Hecate G4

The manufacturer promises to soon update the software, which will add new customization options.

sound impressions

With the virtual 7.1 mode turned off, the low frequencies seem to be artificially cut out in the headset, and the sound becomes faded and flat. And if you turn on the 7.1 mode, then the basses appear, but they stick out too much above the rest of the frequencies, create nasty rattling and unpleasant noises due to the additional vibration effect. Add here an awkward echo and you get a completely unsuitable model for music. If you want to listen to it on budget gaming headphones, then for this it is better to choose the Razer Kraken Essential or Razer Kraken USB. There, too, the basses are locked, but not so much, but in addition to the bottoms, the middle and top are heard. Although for use in games in this price segment, it is better to choose the Edifier Hecate G4. The same 7.1 sound gives the sound the right volume and powerful delivery when shots, explosions, steps and other in-game effects seem to take place in a room near the computer. The best genres for this model are FPS, action, sports and racing. This surround sound is also suitable for watching movies.

Edifier Hecate G4

The microphone for this price tag is more than worthy. The sound is crisp, clear and not muffled. The environment is heard averagely, but the voice is not artificially muffled by anything, does not twang and does not become like a robot. With this microphone, you can easily start streaming or recording voice for the first videos if you don’t have more professional equipment at hand.


Edifier Hecate G4 is a stylish gaming headset of the budget segment with an unusual design and an excellent microphone, but the glossy plastic case is sensitive in daily use. The headphones fit comfortably on the head and do not cause discomfort, but let through most of the incoming noise. The headset is unlikely to be appreciated by music lovers, although it is more than suitable for the gaming segment – with a built-in 7.1 sound card, games sound juicy, rich, loud and realistic. Hecate G4 will appeal to those users who are not going to spend a lot of money on a gaming headset, but want modern headphones with backlight and powerful sound.


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