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Over the past 10 years, most of the components and peripherals have acquired the Gaming prefix, which, as if by magic, promises to raise the level of skill of computer game lovers with its name. Loud slogans of manufacturers that only their “hardware” is necessary for gamers, carry nothing but pathos – whatever one may say, but the characteristics of the same memory remain the same as those of solutions for enthusiasts and overclockers, only positioning changes products for the corresponding target audience. And, as practice has shown, there are much more gamers. The only thing that gaming mania has really brought is the aesthetics and, to some extent, comfort when using computer products – without much effort, a PC can now be turned into a real work of art.

In addition to the appearance, the fashion for gaming has led to the emergence of several directions in the range of gaming accessories, one of them is chairs. Yes, yes, they are. Like it or not, but the stools familiar to domestic users are clearly not convenient for long battles. On the chairs, too, you can’t lean back tiredly. You can, of course, remember office furniture, but it is not so practical, and it will be clearly alien to look at home. There are also options with an orthopedic design, but their cost is in the region of $ 500-1000 and more, and they are also not impressive in appearance. Gaming chairs, on the contrary, have an ergonomic design, bright and aggressive appearance, and will easily fit into the home interior. Due to their design, they will suit not only avid gamers, but also programmers and people working at a computer who can easily be at the table for 8-10 hours a day.

Of course, not all chairs are the same and “useful”. There are stationary ones that are most suitable for games on the console, there are entry-level ones that are similar to office solutions, but with multi-colored upholstery, and there are more advanced models that look like sports car seats. The latter are distinguished by increased ergonomics, allow you to recline the backrest and adjust the position of the armrests, thereby allowing the user to comfortably sit in the chair. Some models have additional lateral support in the back area and are equipped with special pillows for the neck and lower back, and some already come with a reinforced headboard. Given the long hot gaming sessions, the upholstery of the chairs is usually made of leatherette (PU leather, eco-leather), which will allow this gaming accessory to maintain its presentation for a long time.

Of all the brands on the gaming chair market, the trendsetter, DXRacer, immediately comes to mind. But the cost of its products does not allow everyone to join the world of comfortable gaming. Less well-known manufacturers have more democratic pricing, so the choice for the domestic user is clear in advance. But what about the quality of such solutions? We will try to answer this question using the example of the Hypersport chair from the young domestic brand Hator.

Hator Hypersport

Hator Hypersport

The model in question is not the only one in the Hator range – there are also the Active, Sport, Emotion and Icon series, which differ in external design, including materials and colors, sizes and, of course, price. The most affordable of them – Active and Sport, Hypersport and Emotion already occupy the middle position, while Icon is the most expensive representative. If someone wants a pink chair, then it is only in the Emotion series.

Model Hator Hypersport
Product page
frame material Steel
Reason Reinforced metal 5-pointed star
Movement type rocking
Gas lift type Class 4, 80 mm
Maximum backrest angle 170°
upholstery material PU leather
Perforation +
Filler density, kg/m³ 50
armrest type Ergonomic, 3D, adjustable in height, longitudinally and around its axis
Wheel size 76 mm
Wheel material Polyurethane
Seat width, cm 55
Seat length, cm 50
Seat height, cm 49–57
Armrest height, cm 28–36
Recommended load, kg up to 120
Maximum allowable load, kg up to 150
Chair weight, kg 22,4
Equipment: Backrest, seat, swing mechanism, gas lift, base, wheels, fixing kit
Cost, $ ~215

The armchair is delivered unassembled in a large box made of ordinary cardboard with dimensions of 88x70x38 cm, and, given the weight of 25 kg, it will not be possible to transport it on its own, and in the case of a car, it may not fit into the trunk, so it’s better to order delivery right away to door.

The entire set of delivery is neatly laid out inside the box and is additionally protected by packaging material. Armrests are pre-installed at the factory to stiffen the package.

Hator Hypersport

The process of assembling a gaming chair is no different from a similar action with ordinary furniture, only in moments of stupor, the instructions are unlikely to help. The crosspiece is stamped steel, additionally reinforced with a jumper in the middle of each beam, which some other brands do not have, and this is a plus in the Hator piggy bank. The wheel mount is welded at three points. By the way, the wheels, in contrast to office seats, here increased to 76 mm in diameter, are made of polyurethane, which should have a positive effect on moving on various floor coverings.

Hator HypersportHator Hypersport

The gas lift is used in class 4, so that the chair can withstand a load of up to 150 kg, with the recommended 120 kg.

The swing mechanism is additionally reinforced at the front and rear edges, which should reduce the risk of cracking the metal in the area of ​​\u200b\u200battaching to the seat. Separate legs are used for lifting and swinging, which is very convenient. There is additional protection for the user’s playful handles in the form of plastic slips – it is unlikely that he will now pinch his fingers if he accidentally gets into the mechanism when switching modes. The bottom of the seat is made according to all the canons of armchair building – a metal frame with stretched double slings and no plywood. The upholstery is fixed with steel rings.

Screwing the mechanism to the frame turned out to be not such a trivial task – there are no marks where the front or back is, plus one of the bolts did not want to twist into any. The complete key turned out to be not very convenient, but with a little effort, the problem was nevertheless solved.

Hator HypersportHator Hypersport

Now half of the chair is assembled, it remains only to install the backrest, for which it is better to involve an assistant. Like the seat itself, the backrest is made with high quality using rings at the upholstery attachment point and, if necessary, they can be easily unclenched to remove the cover.

Hator HypersportHator Hypersport

It is better to fasten the back from the side of the folding mechanism, where the loop is fixed and does not dangle. It is noteworthy that the holes in the upholstery for the passage of bolts were carefully punched exactly opposite the holes in the frame. After installing the backrest, we close the hinges with plastic pads, some of which, on the seat, were already pre-installed from the factory. To be honest, their appearance does not cause any delight, the feeling that they were invented 10 years ago and are now used in modern ergonomic solutions. And that goes for chairs from many brands, including DXRacer.

In the end, we get a very solid gaming chair, somewhat reminiscent of the pilot’s seat of an aircraft, moreover, a space one, which immediately adds 100 points to the gamer’s skill. Whether the player will bend over in it is a mystery shrouded in darkness, but the fact that it is really convenient to work in it has been personally verified by us for a month and a half. The back of the chair is flat, without bending as in office solutions, so it allows you to align your back, and the headrest eliminates the feeling of a suspended state. Compared to executive chairs, you really sit straight in it, and you don’t fall back somewhere. The presence of pillows for fixing the back also adds comfort, while not everyone will like the shoulder pads – it all depends on the anatomy of a particular person.

But you won’t sit up straight all day, sometimes you want to take a break, and given that this is an advanced model, the Hator Hypersport has the ability to recline the back. The change in position is not smooth, but the step is enough to adjust for yourself. Only sometimes the return of the mechanism is extremely leisurely.

Hator Hypersport

Subject to the availability of free space, you can generally recline the back by 170 ° and sleep a little. If you add a rocking mechanism here, then you end up with very funny combinations of chair positions.

Hator HypersportHator Hypersport

The control knobs for the rocking mechanism and the gas lift are groped without problems, the paws themselves are grooved and turned in the direction of the intended action, so there will be no need to pull them in an incomprehensible direction.

Hator HypersportHator Hypersport

Armrests on top are made of soft, rather not even very hard, material. They can move forward / backward, turn left / right around their axis and rise by 8 cm. Moreover, in the latter case there is a latch, while in the rest the usual, not rigid, ratchet and armrests can easily change their position if you rely heavily on them and get up or move the chair. For 1.5 months of use, no serious backlash appeared in them.

Hator HypersportHator Hypersport

Returning to the question of anatomy, I would like to say that the “game throne” should not be taken thoughtlessly, just because you liked it in color and shape. There are many nuances that affect the comfort of sitting in one place for many hours. For example, the height and depth of the seat, when you can still survive the dangling of the legs, putting them on the cross as a result, but straightening your back with a deep “seat” will no longer work. The height of the back also contributes to the ergonomics of the chair – if with movable pillows for the neck and lower back this parameter is not so critical, then with integrated pillows it may turn out that you simply can’t reach them or vice versa, you leave their zone. Hator Hypersport is suitable for people with a height of 180-190 cm with a body weight of 80-100 kg, which is verified by our personal experience.

Hator Hypersport

Finally, a few words about the materials used. The official website claims high-quality PU leather for upholstery and foam with a density of 50 kg / m³ as a filler. The texture of the coating resembles leather, while it is soft enough not to be felt.

Hator Hypersport

In the area of ​​​​the main part of the back and seat, the “leather” is perforated to improve ventilation. But, to be honest, even in such a cool season as it is now, during a busy working day, you can easily sniff from the back and legs. And what can we say about hot summer days and without air conditioning?

Hator HypersportHator Hypersport

The joints are all neatly stitched, the seams of the base of the cover are a little rough, but not critical, and nothing has broken during use.

But what really showed itself all the time is the creak of the left hinge, which appeared after two weeks of operation. Considering that this mechanism has not been changed since the time of the “grandmother’s sofa”, sooner or later it would have manifested itself in any case. It is treated, for example, by gently spraying regular WD-40 or analogues. I also didn’t like the backlash of the rocking mechanism when you lean heavily on the back. But this is already a problem of the mechanism itself in principle, and this is observed in many armchairs.


No matter how opposed the fans of home stools and office chairs, gamer chairs are firmly entrenched in the gaming accessories market. Esports competitions and streaming are not complete without the presence of these new gaming environments. It is practical, comfortable and, in the end, beautiful. The price, however, bites, but even office chairs are extremely expensive. But a gaming chair, like any other, is such an individual thing that it is necessary to approach its choice carefully and deliberately. Even with headphones it comes out much easier.

The reviewed Hator Hypersport chair, despite the little-known brand and affordable price, turned out to be of very good quality, as for its category. Of course, it is difficult to judge how it will show itself in the future, but for 1.5 months of constant use for a whole day, there were no critical problems with it, and its ergonomics fit perfectly into the anatomy of the tester, weighing up to 100 kg. The “sporty” appearance of Hypersport is moderately aggressive and will easily complement not only the home environment of the gamer, but will also become the subject of a comfortable pastime for the programmer and office worker. But again, it all depends on the anatomy of a particular person, his preferences and desires. If this chair turns out to be not very comfortable, Hator has both high and deep models, as well as low ones, with a small seat depth and various colors – you can choose the “throne” for yourself without problems.


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