July 12, 2020


I also ran into another Toshiba and got the drivers somewhere out there It worked for me. I have all the drivers working on my satellite a for XP. But the biggest problem I have is that most USB devices do not work. Now I can start this University term off the right way. He knows who he is. There was some leakage at the bottom of the screen, but it did not seem outside of the acceptable range.

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At the Download Center, do the following: The screen has seven brightness levels which can be adjusted via the keyboard controls. I have an AS! There seems that Toshiba thinks that hard drives don’t crash and burn and Vista sucks so badly that px wanna run back to XP After I finished clearing it out, it still moving at a moderate pace. The ATI download is on this page: I installed XP using nLite method. This is the way I like to install an Operating System. It is very similar to LightScribe.

I may have a new one for this post in regards to my Toshiba AS laptop. The back and forth to the office or the occasional night out seem reasonable. wound


The keyboard has a nice light touch if you really want to fly on it. The thickness of the lid on the A As you probably know I dislike Vista any version with all my soul, I want performance, reliability, no dancing screens transparencies, big bother questions, and in general all the annoying NEW features unrelated to performance “What a piece of Sh The R60 on the left and the A on the right.

Drivers For Free – Toshiba Satellite A S Wireless Network Adapter Drivers

Thankyou so much for this, you are an absolute life saver. Some of the utilities seem to work. Hola a todos, para los 3 dispositivos que quedan por instalar, que corresponden al lector de tarjetas Ricoh, puenen usar este controlador proporcionado por HP.

The A has an Athernos WiFi card. Bought the new XPc version from newegg.

Oh man I can’t tell you how pleased you’ve made me! Is there somewhere else thee can be downloaded?

Toshiba Satellite A215 Review

Any help would be great!!! Now not onlhy do I have XP back and all controls, but able to adjust my brightness level. The key depth is a shade shallower than my Thinkpad, the notebook keyboard gold standard. I got everything working so far. Does anyone know how to get the FN function keys working? I would like to post it up somewhere else so it can be useful to someone else. I also have an unknown device under System devices in the device manager. The touchpad would occasionally become unresponsive for seconds particularly when doing something hard drive intense like installing software.


The A is not in the list and the A says there are no drivers available.

Toshiba Satellite A215-S7416 Free Driver Download (Official)

The PCMark05 score below is probably a better indicator of overall performance. For anyone who can’t read spanish, cireja says: I using windows xp x64, but i can’t find driver modem toshiba for it. If you have the original zip file you downloaded to up grade your Toshiba laptop to XP, please let me know.