May 13, 2020


You have to put in the time and go in knowing you will make mistakes, but have the mindset to learn and grow from the mistakes. Thanks again for everything you do! Last year I started considering selling on Amazon. Most of all I want to tell you how much I admire and respect you for your honesty and integrity and your heartfelt desire to help people change their lives for the better. Don’t see what you’re looking for? I bought the PAC course about a year ago and thank God!

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Managed big box home improvement stores. My 2nd box of new items went live on Saturday morning and on Sunday evening I made a sale. It was the first course I did and I landed my first company jb week. I just want to say how much fun we are having since joining PAC. We are winning the crowd with an unstoppable strategy. I started with the provenamazoncourse.

Due to my other commitments I am not very active on the face book groups and I rarely post anything so I just wanted to send you all this email bn say thanks for the great information and support you provide. I haven’t really had need yet to make any posts of my own there, but you see new stuff there every day.

He might want a copy of that screen shot for the same reason. We started less than 2 years ago and we now have a team of 12 people working on this business full time. MUCH jb being added constantly.


Amazon Cloud Storage Server is down after a reboot

Go with the payment plan if the price is to high. Insert a Samsung memory card in your action camera and you can be assured that every action-packed moment is safely recorded in whatever harsh environment you encounter, whether underwater, atop a mountain or deep inside a cave. You wanna know how it’s not snake oil? Well, my 44th birthday nv in August and I had not yet “retired” There are plenty of Amazon sellers and FBA users who start out with no software tools or equipment and work their way up to a fully automated business as they can afford it.

Unlike ANY of our competitors, we have an entire team in place to help you go International, and we don’t rely on outdated tricks that look good on paper, but don’t work in reality – or could get you banned from the Amazon platform. I did in June. Better yet, by using the system we show you how to have product shipped from ANYWHERE in the world and into an any Amazon warehouse without ever seeing it or touching it.

My sister in law has now quit her job to come and work with us, and my nephew is coming on board to help as well. I decided on the Proven Nbb Course and it has been a great decision. I invested in a good course, spent time in the forums just to get some beginner information and inspiration. Unlimited One-Day Delivery and more.

Military collectables are big so I was able because of my many years of picking up old military items, I was able to make a nice profit with Ebay. I sold 5 things yesterday and I was at the hospital because my niece was having her baby and then today I wasn’t able to work because I’m taking care of my sick G-son but when I opened my e-mail I had 5 e-mails from Amazon nv I had sold 5 things I was overjoyed with this because I nbb actually sold something that I had sourced which gave me confidence in the PAC business model.


Anyone can now easily create custom branded shirts that their fans will love to wear. I am now using profits to source more products and no longer need to pull from my paycheck. I consider this VERY successful and based on our sourcing criteria of 1: While my wife was attending college, I was laid off from my full time job inso my income was almost cut back in half. This has help me a lot in my FBA business up until today.

Please try again later. Well, I was becoming overwhelmed with good information and my notebook is half full of notes already. I always buy memory cards direct from Amazon or high street shops. The PAC will be the core of our training. I have purchased a handful of courses over the last year or so.