March 2, 2021


Which is the Royal Racecourse? Stats results from Dec to Nov And, naturally, he takes the tractor out himself to keep it trim. Eps C3 Hcap Timeform is not liable for any promotions, products or services of our betting partners. When filtering a report it is best not to be too specific else the number of results returned may be too low to produce a meaningful report. The owner has not had any runners during that time.

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Brian Gubby – Trainer – Horse Racing Nation

He then entered the Mediteranian Grand Prix. Then as he had just taken ‘delivery’ Brian’s words of his third child, a baby boy, he decided to be serious and get on with business.

Searching Enter all or part of the name and press the search button.

In otherwords, if you can not explain why results are better or worse with a filter then it is best to exclude it. His next car was a 3. Which is the Royal Racecourse?

To see detailed stats use the Racinh Report. If you changed any of the form settings from the default then the information will be shown here.

Brian Gubby

Generated Report When you are ready to view the full stats for the Racehorse Owner just click the Generate Report button. You have selected Mr Brian Gubby Owner stats for the flat turf. This displays any filters you have set up on the form. Brian Gubby in If the report returns insufficient data then you may want to widen your search to include more races.


Guhby completing his national service in the s, Gubby became a freelance motor trader, and throughout his career he developed his business interests to include several garages and car showrooms, a hotel and a building company. Timeform Terms of Use. The total number of runs would be the total raclng of times those 10 horses ran if they all ran 20 times then the total runs is whilst the total individual runners figure is View the summary information below for a quick overview of Mr Brian Gubby’s stats or to see the full Owner stats use the Full Report Form below.

Mr Brian Gubby Stats

If you want to find out how well a particular Racehorse Owner does when the going is heavy in April, over distances of exactly 12f in field sizes of exactly 5 runners then the results returned could be low and thus no meaningful report will be generated.

This displays racnig quick overview of the Racehorse Owner’s stats. Stats Info The stats on this page can be shown in basic or advanced mode.

The owner has not had any runners during that time. Select the bookmaker prices you want to display on Bubby Passes by switching the toggles between show and hide in the Bookmaker Manager, or use the Currently Showing selection screen. Filtering is good for homing in on specific stats. Gubby’s single attempt to participate in a Formula One World Championship race, the British Grand Prix at Silverstonealso ended with problems in practice.


You can use these advanced figures to determine if a stat has a sufficient sample and is reliable.

Brian Gubby | Racing career profile | Driver Database

Ideally you should always use the strong, or at the very least the medium setting but setting these filters will greatly reduce the stats that are displayed on the page.

He took up training horses after he had finished with motor racing. Bruan results from Dec to Nov Nowadays Brian has cut down on his workload but still trains all his own horses on a acre estate in Bagshot where he has installed a one-and-a-quarter mile all-weather gallop.

Latest News for Mr Brian Gubby. These are the profit figures. Send message to FlatStats only. If the Category is Gender and the item for Fillies shows an I. Wnd C5 Hcap He started racing in with a Speedwell tuned Austin A30 capable of over mph.