October 20, 2020


It is the NetworkManager killing the can device. There is no activity on the CAN bus. Bring the slcan interface up: Hi, sorry but I’m not very much into linux. It’s time to use it for analysing the can module. The maker have tested this driver under some Linux distributions and it seems to work well, however we cannot do support related questions on Linux right now since we have no Linux machine nor any experience with Linux.

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I have a raspberry pi 3, and loaded ubuntu-mate version Use our contact form in our webshop to get in contact with us. You should see CAN messages now.

The project is not hosted on this site, so if links do not work, contact the vendor. These are here only for reference, not supported any more!

SocketCAN Driver for Linux

View all comments by Mahmoud Farshbafdoustar. That went well, but when I try to add the slcan module in step 2, I get a ‘fatal’ error saying that the module cannot be found.

I guess socketcan binds ttyUSBx to slcanx. Then it will work with other devices based on the same chip, not only Lawicel.


Withdrawing workstation service for slcan0 Any idea to solve this? CANUSB connectors are very popular in windows world but there are little documentations on how to use them with a linux pc or in the other words canusb linux are not xanusb known.

CANUSB Download | CAN Tools

You may also try opening up another console, and use the tool “cansend” to send some data. View all comments by P. Make both scripts executable: Now we will automate the linking process steps 3 to 5 so the system will perform it whenever we plug in the CANUSB interface. There is no activity on the CAN bus.

First create a new udev rule: This package is not the same full blown driver package as delivered with Windows, it is more a sample source code package on how to get started and install the CANUSB under Linux and send and receive frames using the D2XX driver. Hi, I want to install virtual can driver interface vcan0 in one of my ARM device. Mahmoud Farshbafdoustar author said Other Software no source code: Juni um If modprobe says nothing, the modules exist.

Hi, sorry but I’m not very much into linux. Hi, I followed your steps, but i m not able to read the data in termninal after giving command as “candump slcan0” Please help me with this. Eingestellt von Pascal Walter um Also remember if you only need one ID or one group of ID to set both masks to the same, so the unwanted CAN frames do not slip through the second filter!


I can effectively send CAN frames to the device I wish, and it behaves as expected. Sample Programs source code: The binding process of ttyUSBx to slcanx is not made by socketcan automatically.

You have to do it on your own see step 4. Tested on Ubuntu On Ubuntu these modules are already available, so we don’t need to compile it. Check slcan for functionality again: Customers who want to contribute with code built on this code or from code written from scratch are welcome todo so and we will put the code in the Linux folder with full credit to you.

Don’t forget to make this one executable too. Worked for me after installing batch through ‘apt install at’.