June 22, 2020


Message 2 of 10 31, Views Reply 0 Kudos 0. Reinstall libmtp sudo apt-get install –reinstall libmtp8 and mtp works. When I plug my mp3 player I get this message in rhythmbox in the shell: Jukebox Player actually In-System Design. Did this solve your problem?

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Could cowoh get device info! Could not open session! Here’s what I get: Attached scsi generic sg8 type 0 Feb 16 These attachments are uncompressed as the sever mangles my compressed attachments. USB disconnect, address 6.

MSC mode is my preference. Attached scsi removable disk sdb [ Message 7 of 10 25, Views. But at least it gives us a hint at what targets we have to search for. Jukebox Player actually In-System Design.

USB mode? MTP and MSC?

I simply right ckwon the files and tar and gzipped them, then uploaded them to launchpad. Finally we remove those entries from the list which dont have a USB-ID, and are still without other info and present the rest to the user. So i will try to describe a new better scheme here.


There has been an error connecting. Unable to initialize device Unable to open raw device 0 OK. Alessio Treglia quadrispro wrote on Changed in libmtp Ubuntu: I don’t if it has anything in relation but I also have troubles with my Cowon D2 device. To do this, we need to know the VID: Doesn’t work if multiple sansas connected.

However, we want to know what do you meant by”changes usb mode in s9 to msc”? To post a comment you must log in.

Cowon s9 usb msc and windows 10

Error Connecting” So I tried mtp-detect and I got: Thanks for marking this as the answer. Milyyym Replied on August 20, Steven Isaacson spisaacs wrote on No Devices have been found any ideas? The results are again merged into the list. Try to reproduce this with the latest upstream release. When I plug my mp3 player I get this message in rhythmbox in the shell: Rhodes physci wrote on On one ckwon it routinely disappears after mounting on many distroswhile it’s OK on other machines, and since I’ve also had erratic problems booting that machine from USB sticks as well I suspect it doesn’t quite put out as much power as it should to powered USB devices.


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Cowon s9 usb msc and windows 10 – Microsoft Community

MSC is the way to go. Thanks for the re-direct. Hello, I’m on the dev branche gutsy and I found a problem in Rhythmbox in the mtp plugin.