October 9, 2020


Although everything is connected properly I got the message that comp. You can perform all of the following tasks using your Diamond View scanner: Indexed and Greyscale each contain up to a maximum of distinct Colours and generally are quite small. If you are scanning a text document for OCR, we recommend a resolution of dpi. Brighter images have brighter pixels, therefore the bars to the right are higher than those at the left. Filter Box The Filter combo box allows you to sharpen or blur an image. If you are not satisfied with the adjustment, click on the Cancel button to cancel your settings and close the dialog box.

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If you have installed a scanner before you set up Scan Button, the scanner will be selected automatically. The TPO unit is working properly. An introduction to each component in the dialog box and a description of how to use the Scanndr tool to adjust an image follows.

Albums are categorised by type, such as Flyers, Greeting Cards, and Invitations to name a few. Scan Preview the document.

The Toolbar contains all of the tools you need to edit your photos. The default unit is inch.


The Diamond View main screen will pop up. On the Shortcut bar, click the Add Item to Storyboard button.

How to install old scanner to Win? | Tech Support Guy

Use the Move Object Down button to place the object below other objects. When you click on this Printer icon, the dialog box appears. Get the image you want to use as the calendar image. Drag the curve to the left, and the mid-tone area of the image becomes diamonvview. Note the direction Step 2. May 24, Messages: From this dialog box, you can adjust the scales of the X Horizontal and Y Vertical axes independently by dragging the scroll diamondvifw.

To Begin a New Project 1. Press the Ctrl key, and in the workspace, click the thumbnails you want to use. Click the File icon and browse for the folder where the images are stored. I tried to load some other Windows 7 default scanner drivers like Microsoft without any luck. Alternatively, you may select Custom… to customise resolution.

Click the album icon on the Toolbar and then select an album from the Options panel. Click on it and the Copier panel will appear as shown below: This opens the Layout options dialog box, giving you control over such things as X- and Y- offset, spacing, and image size, among others.


The user should not scaner or change this equipment without the written approval of Mitsubishi Electric Australia Pty. You may use this function to adjust the quality of line art images or eliminate unwanted dots in the document to improve the accuracy of recognition.

Auto Save Config When you select this item, the settings will be saved in a configuration file automatically as you exit the Diamond View driver. To eliminate this screen pattern, you can use the options in the Descreen box.

To trim your photo: To add frame to a photo object: Since I did a clean install of Win. After you have finished with the settings for each scan job, click the Scan button to scan.

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Select a photo object. We are the first factory producing detectors in China. Alternatively, you can click the Cancel button to cancel and close the dialog box. Reflective Flatbed Image type: Save these instructions for future reference.