May 14, 2020


Back to the Athlon 64 Mainboard Review comparison! Epox bring a lot of memory timing adjustments to users’ fingertips, find out which ones make the biggest difference a little later in the review as we touch on that, and look at the value of the Port 80 card and some of its diagnostic codes. Only, time will tell. WELL, next time I’ll do a little more reasearch. The Advanced BIOS Features submenu contains the boot device order as well as hard drive boot priority, and various other features such as S. A third party may be able to revise their BIOS and that is my next area of exploration.

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Interestingly, a single card can be installed to the epxo as well as to the second slot. The PCB itself is also labeled appropriately. This program allows processor voltage and multiplier changes eppox the fly within Windows. MondayFebruary 13, Author: Unfortunately, AMD’s short sightedness not to include a dual channel memory controller in the original designs pushed Socket towards the backburner rather quickly.

The Chipset voltage ranges from 1. User’s manual and an insert with the scheme of motherboard connectors Cables: The Memory voltage is much more flexible; which ranges from 2.

Epox AM2 Motherboard – Is it any good? The multipliers available to you are CPU 8pna, with multipliers ranging from 4x to 25x. CPU voltage can be adjusted from. But let’s drop the immense issue of assembling a balanced configuration and proceed to the review of this EPoX motherboard.


Socket has now made a comeback for AMD in the 8nps of the budget line of Sempron processors. It will have no effect on the performance, though the documentation states otherwise. An only shortcoming of the motherboard is its two memory slots.

Legacy devices such as floppy, serial and parallel ports can also be configured here. This is a shame for several reasons. It goes without saying that there is no point in buying initially 8n;a low-end cards instead of one, on a par to their joined performance. Brief description of this jumper is provided on the PCB. Epox have certainly built a lean green motherboard here.

In fact, this model lacks only FireWire to get to the high-end level. Indeed, you can get a bonus in games that load mostly video cards by reinforcing the graphics system at the cost of the platform.


WinBond BH5 based memory would most likely love this board. Both instruction eox are detailed and clearly outline what novice users need to know.

Will this budget oriented SLI solution compete with the big 8npx Dynamic range, dB 8npq But the best way is to determine the temperature experimentally and specify a lower value, in order to minimize “false fan operation”, but so that the cooler had time to spin up and to cool the CPU after starting heavy applications, avoiding emergency shutdown. The Advanced BIOS Features submenu contains the boot device order as well as hard drive boot priority, and various other features such as S.


EPoX EP-8NPA SLI and the A64 4000+ mobile processor

Naturally the SLI board got also an extensive overlocking check, since particularly EPoX motherboards are predestinated for overclocking. Until now, motherboards for the Socket have been very budget orientated with little features or ability to boost the overall system performance – spox is until EPoX got its claws into the high-speed budget market.

Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon’s website. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: The performance is thus really awesome!

At the same time, despite the narrow PCB, it does not look overcrowded with additional controllers, all the functions are provided by the chipset. Share on Facebook Share. The mentioned BIOS parameters are available in this version, but the viability of non-standard settings hasn’t been tested. The BIOS includes options to configure nearly all memory timings available.