May 12, 2020


This setting is used for the box selector feature. Set the start number using [ ] and ] or with the numeric keypad. Changing the Scan Settings You can change the scan settings while scanning the document. After printing, deletes the document. Audio Tones Common Settings Auto Print Set the time period to start the next print job after finishing a copy operation. Features Overview In the [Settings] dialog box, select [Every visit to the page] or [Every time you start Internet Explorer] for [Check for newer versions of stored pages: Select [AM] or [PM].

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Auto Center A feature that automatically moves an image to the center of paper when copying. User-defined characters can be stored only in memory. Action Correctly specify the shared name. To set a user-defined subject Select [Subject].

DocuCentre-II 5010 Drivers & Downloads

Number of punching holes: Staple Position Select from five staple positions. Optional Components Optional Components The following are the principal options available. Make sure that the document is not torn, wrinkled or folded, and load the document again following the instructions displayed on the touch screen.

When using an address number in which the billing data is not registered. Features Overview In the [Settings] dialog box, select [Every visit to the page] or [Every time you start Internet Explorer] for [Check for newer versions of stored pages: Delayed Start allows you to specify when to send your fax.


Holding the booklet staple cartridge by its left and right tabs, return the cartridge to its original position, and then gently push the cartridge in until you hear it click into place.

With this forwarding feature, you can receive iFax documents on your computer without having to walk up to the machine to pick them up. The following shows input methods supported by each method. It sets up a private mailbox on a provider’s e-mail server, and receives messages when a communication is made.

It may affect the office air environment due to odor such as ozone in a poorly ventilated room. Image quality best suited to the paper type qpeosport-ii be obtained by setting the desired image processing to particular paper types.


To prevent characters being garbled when switched from one character set to another, you can restrict the input to ASCII characters only. Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. Discard all the scraps.

Page 10 System Settings Select the sound to be made when a copy completes normally.

Index confirming remote machine response derox to transmission Penalties of fines or imprisonment may be imposed on those found guilty. Power Saver Mode Power Saver Mode Power Saver Mode The machine is installed with the Power Saver feature that will automatically cut off the electricity to the machine if no copy or print data is received for a certain duration.


When placing a call on-hook, we recommend turning the line monitor volume to “Loud”. Page – Specifying a Destination using a One Tou Copying may not be performed correctly depending on the conditions. Adjust the copy density or image quality, or specify for [Background Suppression].

To change the import method, click [Settings] in the document selection dialog box, and configure the settings in the dialog box that appears. Data remains in the printer Cause The machine is not powered on. Xerox Standard Accounting Carries out the auditron authentication based on accounting users registered on the machine.

Broadcast Send Transmitting to Multiple Recipients First Name Enter a recipient’s first name up to 32 characters. Network Settings 10 System Settings Network Settings In [Network Settings], set the type of interface through which the machine is connected to the client in [Port Settings], and the parameters required for communications in [Protocol Settings].

Text Displays the [Secure Watermark -Text] screen.