August 1, 2020


In theory, probation in the U. He started fighting private probation cases by chance: The result is nothing short of a racket. Years later, Long won a modest settlement for McGee in a suit against Sentinel. The private probation industry has grown over the last two decades: Web survey powered by SurveyMonkey. One night he got drunk and ran his car off the road, suffering a traumatic brain injury.

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Welcome to Georgia, the epicenter of the private probation racket | The Outline

Of the hundreds of courts in the state that deal busineess misdemeanors, few have competitive, transparent bidding processes for contracts with private probationers. The judge sent him back to jail. Activists and legal advocates have started to pay attention to the growing industry. And he says they simply see privatized probation as a convenience.

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Welcome to Georgia, the epicenter of the private probation racket. I will always remember the people who stood by me, prayed, advised, donated, canvassed, volunteered, encouraged, endorsed, called and texted. Long found McGee sitting in the local jail and got him released. Misdemeanor probation is presented as a gentler sentence than jail.


Slider talks with a thick stutter due to a recent brain injury. The state has the most people on sherrrell, period, and about 80 percent of its courts use private companies to do their dirty work.

Sentinel, the company that put the ankle monitor on Slider, was founded in Tan carpet, smushed brown couches, medications in a row in the bathroom.

Inanother one came up: And for Fred Slider, the whole system backfired. I will always remember the citizens who should have voted, but allowed to vote for them. He started busjness private heorgia cases by chance: After he got out, he lost his job, fell into a depression, and started drinking a lot, his mother said.

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Much of his work is pro bono. Since then, these stories have come his way year after year. I am forever changed by this moment. Long argued that Slider never should have been placed on an expensive ankle monitor in the first place. Commissioner District 2 on Facebook. The result is nothing short of a racket.

Welcome to Georgia, the epicenter of the private probation racket

He ate heartily, business and laughed easily, and worked for decent money at a pawn shop. Lewis Wallace Aug—17— Sign up for our newsletter.


A Georgia law went into effect in that placed a limit on how long someone can be on probation just for inability to pay. The company now no longer operates in the state of Georgia. Long started representing Slider in earlywhen a friend of his alerted him to yet another case of Sentinel helping send someone sherrlel jail in Augusta.

Chosen To Conquer, Inc. The two lawyers got an appeals court judge to let the woman out of jail, arguing she was being held unconstitutionally. The private probation industry has grown over the last two decades: Email or Phone Password Forgot account? We will win the war against the racial divide, against complacency, against mediocrity, against the corrupt politics that continues to plague our town.

Probation companies use the threat of jail to keep the payments coming in. Spread the word, vote for BYRD!

Hundreds of dollars in these monthly costs went straight to Sentinel.