October 18, 2020


Fixed “out of memory” error introduced in the 2. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Fixed a panic that could arise during an insmod and rmmod of the cciss driver. The following list of controllers are supported by cciss on distributions based on kernels before 2. I am running Fedora Core 5 kernel 2. Debian package is greatly simplified. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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This is on Ubuntu Linux OS distros with warnings. Additionally, note that the driver will not engage the SCSI core at init time.

Fixed a bug found by the L1 test suite. Debian package only builds binary cciss module.

cciss(4) – Linux man page

This feature has been removed, as any Smart Arrays not known to cciss are now presumed to be claimed by the hpsa driver. Debian package is greatly simplified. Create a directory and unpack the tarball. Here’s the man page.

Post as a guest Name. You can think of this as a daemonized version of arrayprobe, in that both of them detect failures in the same way by looking at “events” reported by the controller, cpqarrayd in real time, arrayprobe after the fact. Note also that if no sequential access devices or medium changers are detected, the SCSI core will not be engaged by the action of the above script.


Rory 14k 53 But running cciss,1 on sdb gives different results from cciss,0 on sdb. I have a ML G2 with a array controller. Note also that most tape drives will not oblige in aborting commands, and sometimes it appears they will not even obey a reset command, though in most circumstances they will.

cciss(4): HP Smart Array block driver – Linux man page

David, actually it does support that. You may try to use these to build a binary RPM. There may be other software designed to work with cciss e. If the command cannot be aborted linu the device cannot be reset, the device will be set offline. Hope this helps you: Contact Email us Tell us what you think.

The hpsa driver is available in the kernel. This binary RPM may then be installed in the usual way, for instance: This is because at driver init time, the SCSI core may not yet be initialized because the driver is a block ccisx and attempting to register it with the SCSI core in such a case would cause a hang.


That is, there are some kernels which have overlapping sets of controllers supported by both hpsa and cciss. To install, download the RPM file, and use rpm -ihv rpmfile This will deposit the cciss. Mkinitrd has changed on rhel5u1 and higher systems. For a new install of a distribution using the hpsa lnux, the “cciss.

hpacucli – HP CCISS Smart Array Command Line Utility For Linux – Walker News

The hpsa driver has the ability to claim unknown Smart Arrays, however this is turned off by default so that it does not try to claim older controllers meant to be claimed by the cciss driver. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Email Required, but never shown. Updates for kdump support Changes since 3. Fixed bug where deleting logical volumes could hang the system. Use these for 2. As Santhosh noticed, depending upon ciss configuration you could be monitoring the same disk twice trough a different logical path.