May 22, 2020


Don’t show this message again. IC4 configurator and emulator brochure. I found the connections but there is no disc to program them in. Just recently my district has renewed my Service maxx. Replacement adaptors are available for purchase please visit our Products page. Please check all cable connections Software driver installed? Enhanced navigation aids and selectable levels of configuration complexity insulate the user from controller facilities that are not being used, simplifying the configuration process.

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Retrieved from ” https: I did find out it is called IC 4. Related products, solutions and services.

Data is entered via a series of forms and is validated for correctness as part of a sophisticated error-checking process. I never met the last guy and he was alone. The box and disc are gone and nobody knows where it went.

Tactical data link

I found the connections but there is no disc to program them in. Views Read Edit View history.

Please select the Interface Device below to continue: If you do not have the original package and would like the instruction sent to you please visit IC4 Windows Vista Instruction Request. IC4 configurator – IC4 is a Windows-based system providing advanced features for the entry and validation of data required to configure Siemens controllers. In unmanned aircraftland vehicles, boats, and spacecraft, a two-way full-duplex or half-duplex data-link is used to send control signalsand to receive telemetry.


It can also refer to a set of electronics assemblies, consisting of a transmitter and a receiver two pieces of data terminal equipment and the interconnecting data telecommunication circuit. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. If none of the indicators illuminate please check V BAT on the vehicle diagnostic connector. Excessive bending, twisting, pulling, or stretching, or being slam by a vehicle door does not constitute normal use.

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This page was last edited on 4 Novemberat Really hope someone can help with this Thanks. Brochure and handbook download.

Irish Centre for Cloud Computing and Commerce (IC4)

Is the vehicle’s data link operating properly? Yup Fastback is spot on. We use cookies small text files placed on your computer on this site to improve your user experience; to provide you with content tailored specifically to your interests; and to help us make the site better and more useful to you. Just recently my district has renewed my Service maxx.


I found out we need a program now for the connection wires. Please consult with vehicle manufacturer for proper diagnosis on data link functionality. We will contact you before we make any repair service. Space-division Frequency-division Time-division Polarization-division Orbital angular-momentum Code-division.

I have been all over the shop and I have discs but no IC 4. Skip over Generic Navigation Contact.

Intelligent Traffic Systems – IC4

IC4 emulator – The optional emulator is a feature-rich tool, which links seamlessly with IC4 to provide an advanced environment for de-bugging and proving controller configurations.

These are governed by a link protocol enabling digital data to be transferred from a data source to a data sink. See if IC3 or IC4 is available as a program in the list. Such systems are used for aircraft crossing the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.