May 22, 2020


Can you give me any advice. Typically high-frequency circuits use a nF with a series resistance to limit the peak. You must ensure that the IR’s are okay and not damaged. So, I just estimate the required capacitance. I was wondering, how to determine which diodes to use? Is there an inductance range that you recommend using for filtering and is there a specific type of capacitor that is needed.

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When you have it working and you play with it, I’m sure many of your doubts and questions will be cleared and answered. This would help pinpoint the source of the error. Hi Tahmid, I am now adding a post from edaboard. Now let’s talk about the different pins.

Testing IR2110 Gate Driver IC- ( Part 14/17)

I am curious though as to why you want high-side drive. Also, you can use a single channel and ignore the other.

Our header files are static or dynamic library 1. Do let me know how your simulation and design go.

For IGBTs, the minimum required voltage to fully turn them on is slightly higher. What do you mean by “bootstrapping”?


IR mosfet driver quickstart guide –

I’ve written quite a few articles related to this. Having lost R3 you can then remove C1 and thus stop it putting large current spikes through the diode.

Moreover, for high voltages, finding suitable P-channel MOSFETs mosdet quite a difficult task and the level shifter circuit is more complicated than the bootstrap circuit. When the transformer is connected and 5 watts bulb can not be lit, what should i do? My problem is that when i tried to start the h bridge inverter one side of the inverter doesn’t make any switching.

Do not use a linear regulator such as for such a large input-output difference. First of all, thanks for your great help and advice. The total decoupling capacitance on the 12V supply needs to be at least 10 times the bootstrap cap value.

Go through this tutorial and then construct the correct circuit using the SG VS is the high side floating supply return. Measuring a negative voltage on Arduino.

Tahmid’s blog: Using the high-low side driver IR – explanation and plenty of example circuits

The feedback of the converter is to be controlled, preferably by a microcontroller. Change R1 and R2 from ohm to 22 ohm or as I suggested before, anything between 10 ohm and 33 ohm.


I wish you success on your project. Just make sure that all four of them have the same value. I planned to design the circuit based on this sample project that i get mosdet another website: Doesnt IR provide enough voltage to keep them ON? May I ask you for my understand.

A square wave is applied at the Lin and Hin pin with the zero phase difference between them and the wave is generated using a microcontroller. High side maximum voltage of Thanks Tahmid, your post was very informative and will help a lot or2110 my project!

IR2110 mosfet driver quickstart guide

Interface SD Card with Arduino. You must ensure that the IR’s are okay and not damaged. Connect VS to ground. It seems that they are independent and you might think you could perhaps isolate the drive outputs and drive signals.

Pablo Pozo March 27, at 1: Use VGS of about 15V.