May 10, 2020


These methods can be roughly broken down into two classes: All sensorless systems utilize the physical effect that the motor induces a counter voltage back-EMF during operation that is proportional to the speed. Internal Rotor Motors Description Technical data In internal rotor motors, the rotor with the permanent magnets rotates on a shaft inside a stationary stator with coils. Dear Customer, If you would like to request a quotation, please log in or register. The Results will adjust themselves automatically to the values you have set.

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Due to their attractive production price and comparatively high torque-to-size ratio, they continued to be used in device engineering. Click on the attribute name in order to sort in ascending or descending order.

Compact and high-performance open controller for BLDC and stepper motors. Therefore the level of control and torque that is achieved is the same as mitor of a motor controlled by means of an encoder. In addition, iron losses are greatly reduced and the motors have a high efficiency rating.

The smaller the diameter of the motors, the greater the advantage of the slotless motors manifests itself. Different motors can have identical torque curves. It is possible to switch automatically to open loop mode for lower speeds and for positioning purposes. How to use the product finder Product Finder Instructions. The attribute is being reset. Dear Customer, If you would like to request a quotation, please log in or register.


The rotor position required for control, or the field angle, can be established using either a rotary encoder or a sensorless method, which is described below. Virtual encoder replaces real encoder In order to be able to benefit from the advantages of field-oriented control even in price sensitive applications, Nanotec has developed a sensorless control for stepper motors that naanotec a virtual encoder in the controller to determine the current position and speed of the rotor.

SMCI36 – BLDC and Stepper Motor Controller | NANOTEC

The desired attributes for each motor wil be displayed by clicking on the boxes on the right of the legend. Enter a search word or scroll through the list to find the desired attribute. For larger quantities, please contact our sales department: KG headquartered in Feldkirchen Munich is one of the leading manufacturers of motors and controllers for high-quality drive solutions. The observer-based control makes it unnecessary to use motors with a very high back-EMF but with the disadvantage of a high inductance and consequently with poorer dynamics.

As nanogec result, the torque is This combination of Hall sensors and block commutation is technically the easiest method to implement for actuating a BLDC motor. Select the attribute and click Add attribute. This leads to vibrations and noises; especially at low speeds, the motor will not rotate uniformly. Nanoted Linear Actuator The LGA42 linear kotor is the right choice for applications that require high positioning speed, short positioning time and high thrust and drag force.

External Rotor Motors Description Technical data External rotor motors are shorter than internal rotor motors and offer a cost-effective moor particularly for large series. Click the Remove attribute button. Some attributes have similar names but are used for different kinds of products.


Brushless DC Motors

Open the attribute in the Filter. The Results will adjust themselves automatically motir the values you have set. Together with an encoder, BLDC motors can also be used in applications requiring precise positioning. The three windings then correspond to three Hall sensors; their states define how the windings must be connected. On a torque curve, click the point where you want to set the comparison point using the vertical red line.

Nanktec Motors, Brushless DC motors. Our controllers are offered with various fieldbus interfaces and have digital and analog inputs as well as digital outputs.

These calculated values are measured as well. On account of the observation error determined in this way, the internal values of the motor model are permanently adjusted.

The stator is made up of thin, mutually offset insulated metal plates in order to keep the eddy current losses to a minimum. The sensorless algorithm is able to detect the accuracy with which the speed is currently being estimated.